Saturday, January 27, 2007

Woman on a box

Are you lonely, are you suffering, do you have really hard time getting in contact with the oposite sex, do you love the smell of shrimps? This is something for you then.

In my last post I told you that I was checking out the porn industry in my search for a job. I have to say it didn't seem the best work for me as a part of the job clearly is to review DVD's such as "Anna and the real big king", "English nymphomaniacs" and "Anal festure 5". To write things such as "In this movie Susie takes the dildo all the way from her ass to the mouth" is not really a thing I want to do. But while checking this out, clearly out of a professinal concern, I found the weirdest product ever: Vulva Original, authentically original vaginal favour.

This is a perfume, according to the producer, which smells like a vagina. You are supposed to "apply it to the back of your hand and sniff. Your libido will take care of the rest by itself". If this product isn't wierd enough they have even made a commercial movie. I have nothing against the smell of women, but when you need this smell on a box you have to have a shortcut or two. But clearly the prefered public for this product is not your average man:

Combined with the product Pherotones or The Johnny Cane Band, I believe this product may bring you to new heights.

The most concerning aspect of this though is not the people walking arond with a box of vaginal smell on them or how this thing is actually made. Its the producers plan to make other products. As stated in their FAQ, where they also claim that this product must be kept away from children,:

"What about a product for women?
Of course! You will see it will be the next revolution."

I allready feel a bit sick just by the thought of such a product.

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