Thursday, February 08, 2007

Congrats Emily!

My little sister Emily finally got her driving license today. In other words: Norwegian roads are no longer safe. She actually neglected to tell me that she had her exam today, I can't really understand why. On the other hand I had a chat with her censor on what actually happened the first time she tried to get her license. He even gave me some photographic evidence...

Mr Grønvold, her driving censor, told me that Emilys first obstacle was to drive the car out of the parking lot. "It was a big parking lot, and lots of traffic, but still I found her driving to be a bit, how should I say, unfocused", says Grønvold. Here is what happened according to the video surveillance (she had a problem to start the car, so the fun ain't starting before 00:30):

"Still I was not scared enough to stop the exam, as I understood it she was quite nervous", claims Grønvold. But he ads that she might have been a bit too hard on the gas when leaving the parking lot (Emily will show up at 00:57):

Grønvold explains that he was pretty concerned after the incident, but they managed to turn the car over in the correct position. "I've must have been quite confused by the accident, cause I should clearly have stopped the fun by then." It was not until the end, when Emily was supposed to park the car again, that she showed her true aggressiveness. They even made a report on the incident at British television. Don't be confused that they claim this happened on "A busy British shopping street". Mr. Grønvold asked them to do so because he wanted too keep his reputation in order. And yes, Emily is the "loony in the red car":

Both Grønvold and Emily survived the tour, amazingly. And Emily, after some practice, has now gained her license. Hurrayh!

I, by the way, am back from Glasgow. It was a nice trip, but I would not recommend to order the steak medium cooked over there if you are not fond of charcoal. But anyone ready for some hardcore beer and wine testing might now take contact with me, cigars and cigarettes are of course compliments of the house. As always.

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At 2/13/2007 01:03:00 AM , Blogger jedimacfan said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Those car videos are fucking hilarious!! Congratulations, Emily!

At 2/15/2007 05:06:00 PM , Blogger Ole said...

Emily use to have that effect on people, unluckily for her they seldom laugh with her but of her.


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