Thursday, February 01, 2007

I'm leaving for Glasgow

I'm off to Glasgow for the next few days. Because of this it will probably be quite silent here for a coulpe of days. But I will give you a report on what scottish men have under their kilt when I get back again.

I will also have a test of the scottish whisky and visit their faboulous pipe museum. This will be so exciting. I also hope to see the battleground of William Wallace on my trip. It would be superb if they show "Bravehart" on the plane. Especially if it is dubbed with: "The jews are responsible for all the wars in the world! Freeeeedoooom!!!" Poor Mel Gibson is even more far off than me. But he's a smoker so I am able to forgive him some of his weaknesses.

Check in with my poll on if I will run the poll "Emily, hot or not". So long, I'm off to get drunk!

Here is a video of my friend Mr. T while you wait for me coming back!

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