Friday, December 30, 2005

News from the states

As I have tried to tell you all before my sister is in the states. We sent her over there in hope that she would learn to behave as a normal person and to eat with knife and fork. Today we all understood what a huge mistake we have done. Just look at what we recieved:
Now probably most of you would think "What a nice picture" and the more dirty minded of you might think "What a nice girl", you can just fuck off, she would eat you alive, without salt.

But for christ sake look at the picture once more. And think about this: They took it at school. What kind of a school takes such pics of the students? It looks like they had a retired photographer from Penthouse which took the pictures for them. Probably he was standing there saying "What if you rolls around on the floor, ah perfect, touch your hair and look into the camera, ah great! And now take of your shir.... sorry, my fault, old work habit, please keep the shirt on, school policy." When I took school pictures we used to stand or sit upright and not behave like.... something... on the school floor. It's so funny that country. "No you can NOT have sex before marriage, and absolutely no abortion, ever! But please feel free to act like a sexbomb on the school photography." I imagine her headmasters home being full of pictures like this.

So Emily, get your ass home here! This minute!

Another picture which is so wrong in so many ways:
This is also taken at her school, a normal picture this time, but I wonder what happened to her shoes, I guess her headmaster took them. But look at that face... Cute? yes, looks like a nicely behaved girl? yes, always happy? yes. This is all bullshit.

Anyone who has been in an argument with her feels like they have been kicked a certain place afterwards. You can not win an argument (that would be, with her, any normal conversation, specially in the morning) with her as she turns into a tasmanian devil, with wings. So you american boys living close to her, if you want to get through this alive take this advice and remember it: behave.

We miss you Emily! Specially at breakfast time!

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Thursday, December 29, 2005


I went to cut my hair today. I hate going to the hairdresser. The second I go into the room I become mentally retarded and start to sweat and mumble. Because of this stupidity my hair always tend to be nearly not cut at all. I always try to explain that I want to keep the shape and take away the lenght. They always do the oposite. Last time i cut my hair (half a year ago) a guy shaped my hair (no he did not cut). He asked me if I wanted some volume, and I thought he would make it a bit of a rough style so I said, or mumbeled, "yes". He then used a comb and a hairdrier on my hair for like 15 minutes while he said "Look it's amazing, we cut away and it still gets bigger." I ended up looking like a mix between Prince Valiant and a marshmellow. Now at least I know the meaning of the words "volume" and "hair" when put together.

Today didn't go that bad. I went to a place where I know a hairdresser, but she was on vacation so I had another girl cutting my hair. Because of my communication problems the hairdresser just cut the tips and kept the lenght, so I still look like MacGyver. For this she charged 400, yes 400 norwegian crowns. For me thats a huge amount for cutting the tips of my hair, maybe you disagree, but I have cut my hair for free or at least under 200 crowns the last 4 years. For me 400 is a lot.

But it was worth it. I had the best headmassage ever. She washed my hair 3 times and really put her fingers deep into my skin. Maybe my hair was really dirty, but I think she fell in love with me. I have a new appointment tomorrow.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Last years news


I'm working on putting pictures into the post on my history of weird works and it will be fantastic!

Yesterday I was working, and since there wasn't much to do I was surfing the news on the web. And I went nearly mental. Everywere they had article on article about the tsunami. Last year they had everyone talking about it for months and now they start again. I was looking for news, if I had wanted to read about last year I would have checked in the archive. And excuse me for saying, but the fact that some white europeans died in this disaster does not make it a more interesting topic. What about the earthquake in Pakistan, the problems in Sudan or the state of affairs in Norway where you have real disaters going on?

It could have been better if they actually said somethings about the locals living in Kaoh Lak, but no, they tell you about how many norwegians that was gathered in Oslo commemorating the dead, and have stupid polls like "Where were you when the tsunami struck?". And then the ex-minister of foreign affairs and the new one is interviewed on how they look upon the disaster, and they really answer. They don't got the balls to tell the reporter "Fuck off and move on, ask me about some real problems today". I get sick of such stupidity in "news".

Pic of a regular journalist

The problem with reading this and getting upset went to a peak yesterday when a customer came up to me and asked where she could take the bus to Stockholm. I'm sorry woman, but I was upset and you where in the wrong spot. Next time I promise to reply correctly and not scream "CAN'T YOU SEE THERE ARE REAL PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD?!" into your face. I hope you accept my apology and that you found the bus.

I was actually going to tell you about my view on sports, but I will save that one for a better day. Check in soon as my pictures will be ready! UPDATE: pics are ready! Check "My history of weird work".

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

My christmas

Happy 1st day of christmas everyone! I'm working on a huge remake of my blog. It will get bigger and better, but I thought it would be correct to give you a new post anyhow since 2 of you actually logged into my blog yesterday on christmas eve. Thank you my jewish and muslim friends.

I came home to my parents house at the night of 23rd after finishing work. Since everyone was going home for christmas it was actually some work to do on the bus terminal. I had to explain busdrivers why they couldn't turn their bus around inside of the terminal to get water or park their bus in the middle of the driving way. I also had to explain travellers why it was a bad idea to run out in front of a moving bus while there is ice on the road, and with an irritated busdriver driving the bus.

In the morning of 24th I made some cakes and vacumcleaned parts of the house. I also learnt my nephew to rub his hair after eating yogurth. My sister took away the present for me because of this. In the evening we ate a traditional meal until we nearly exploded. But it was not until the serving of dessert that I did. In norway you have a tradition on christmas eve of putting an almond in the dessert and the one who gets it wins a marsipan pig. This is supposed to be at complete random, but this year they deliberatly put the almond in my nieces dessert. This is completely wrong and breakes down the whole spirit of christmas! So I "accidentaly" dropped a halfeaten piece of meat into the dessert of my niece. Ofcourse she wouldnt eat her plate then so I was kind and offered her my plate. She was happy with this and since noone could explain her why she shouldn't exchange her plate with mine I was really happy. Tradition restored.

After dinner I used a loooooong time on my cup of coffee (which you have to drink before opening presents) and then I had to take a siggy. And then a trip to the bathroom. My niece was almost going into mental sickness by then so I had to drop the extra cup of coffee to keep the family peace. We then danced around the christmas three and sang the traditional songs like "L'international", "Fane hoch", "Ich hat eine cameraden" and "The praise to Stalin" made by the swedish group "Knutna näver" which never made it any big in the 70s. My mother came in when we started on "Horst wessel lied" (I had used a time to learn my niece the song and my nephew how to walk according to the songs) and as so I lost another present...

But I can't complain. After 3 hours of opening my niece was exhausted and laid flat out on the floor, stairing with apathy into the roof. I had got a consert ticket, a maglite (huge and I accidently hit my brother in the head with it, he took away the ticket then), two propaganda posters, money for a new vacumcleaner (will tell the story of the old one another time), a DVD ("The good, the bad and the ugly one")two boxes with 50 films on both of them, a tool kit and money for doctors without borders and a Cuba trip with my brother and father. We then talked to my sisters in the States who was already drunk and tried to hook me up with her host sister. To end the evening we saw "The harder they fall" with Humphrey Bogart. Well I tried to whatch it, but it was a bit hard as my father was snoring big time in the chair beside me, but we put the flashlight in his face. Then he stopped.

Today we had a big breakfast, my nephew still remember the trick with the youghurt and the hair and he also tried to use his milkglass as a phone. It was still full of milk. I lost my DVD because of that one, even though he did that one all by himsel. But I always get the blame. After that I had played with my nieces train set while she was locked up in the bathroom (nobody has asked for her yet). So its been a realy good christmas. Next year my nephew will be one year older and I'm really looking forward to that one.

Enjoy your christmas all and peace out!

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Friday, December 23, 2005

My history of weird work

The other day I told you about how I once worked in a gay bar. Many of you may think this is a weird workingplace. But I promise you, compared to the other things I have done to get cash, that is nothing. To prove it I will present to you my history of weird jobs.

My first job, where someone else than my parents paid me money, was actually quite big. I was only 12 years old when I was working as a host (together with 7 other kids) for a pretty big youth show on national TV in Norway. I was the youngest one of all. Since I'm not a tall person, but rather the oposite, you somethimes could have a difficulty of spotting me. It was because of people like me TV screens was made bigger. I receieved 1 fanmail and 0 stalkers. Because of this job I got several small jobs in commercials and some short films (where you still had a problem spotting me since a was placed in the background far away from the action).

My career as a television star came to a sudden stop because of a job I did in a commercial for crackers. For this job I got up like 05:30 in the morning, was places at a bus which took us way up into the mountains. Here they kept us all day long in a temperature far below healty. In the middle of the day they dragged us out in front of the camera. I was home at 01:00 in the night. The bigshot for this commercial had a personal driver which took him up. When he came all of us was placed at the bus while he was filmed. In the end you couldn't spot me in the commercial. I got 500 for the job, so I said never again.
After this I started my own business at the age of 16. With my little sister (6 years old then) I took to the streets of Oslo. I was juggling and telling funny jokes (at least I thought they were funny) and my little sister was standing at her head, singing. People actually paid for this (probably because she was cute, again they didn't see me). We split the income 50/50 (hey I'm not cheap like them cracker people). After two summers of this I went solo (my sister wanted to spend the money on icecream. This prooceded into a huge fight, and at the annual evaluation meeting for the company we split up). As a solo street performer I actually made it quite big. Best job I ever had.

Anyhow one day I had finished my show a guy comes up to me and says "You ride a unicycle I see. We need a unicycle guy for a show at the Opera, you want the job?" I was standing there, dumbstruck, all I could say was: "I have to ask mom" (come on I was 17 years then, I still ask mom if I should take a job or not). A week later I was at the Opera practicing for the play. Them poor people must have done something wrong because they actually told me I could sing along while on stage...

Me at opera

I actualy hate opera. I think it's a terrible type of music, but this was quite cool and for once you could actually see me as I was dressed up as a woman. With gigantic boobs made of balloons. I was always late on stage as I was playing with those backstage for most of the time. Maybe it was then I got the fascination for the real deal...

Look at those!

After high school I went to Mexico for a year. Here I had several jobs. In the beginning I worked at a place for homeless kids (or rather a place for kids which parents did not have enough income to suport them). I worked here for 1 1/2 month. Then I got into a huge fight with a guy at the place for hitting the kids. Relax it, I did not hit them, but I nearly hit him. I quit this job then, but soon got a new one as a teacher at a school. Here I had a course in "Norwegian history and culture" with 7 students whom all was older than me. I thought this job would be quite easy, and after mailing with my dad I went into the course with some material. The first class I thaught them a bit about the Vikings and the trolls in Norway (ok I told them that we use them trolls as maidens, that was sort of on impulse when they asked me if they are for real). This was ok until next class when they all had been on Internet. I was standing there trying to answer questions such as "Ole, is it true that in 1584 a danish king visited France and discussed the namechange of a local town in the middle of Norway?" How should I know? In the end they told me I was a good friend, but a terrible teacher.

While I was in Mexico I continued my juggling and got to know some local clowns. I went to several parties with them where I performed as "asitonto" and also went to a convention where I was awarded 2nd prize for best juggling clown in Mexico. I did not get first prize because I used bad language (Hey! They started calling me asshole (OOOOOlero)!) and went a couple of minutes over the time limit. But they were laughing so much that they did not disqualify me(they had never seen a juggling clown using his mouth and not background music).

Look at them laugh

Through my connections I got into a circus. No shit, I was travelling around with a circus in Mexico, having 2-4 shows a day where I was juggling to "Mambo Number 5" dressed in a flashy blue condom suit! It's important to point out here that I have never been a fantastic juggler. I can't juggle with more than 4 balls at a time and even with only 3 I drop them. So I did at the circus, at least 7 times during each show. I thought they then would ask me to leave, but no, they continued to put on my stuff every day. They even gave me a girl to assist me (standing in nearly nothing giving me my stuff while smiling). I found this quite weird until I understood the real deal. They did not want me for my talent, only for my looks. They didn't care if I was juggling or in a cage posing as a barbarian as long I i kept my blond hair and my blue eyes. I was their international attraction. And the public loved it.

While working as a juggler I also helped put the circus tent up and down. That was actually interesting, but very bad idea. Have you ever tried to juggle the morning after hammering gigantic plugs into the ground? I promise you, I could not move my arms. That day we dropped the juggling and only used the cage. I got this job high up on my Curriculum.

My suit when working in the cage

I see now that I have done quite a lot of weird things in my life. My friend Mr.A told me to keep theese post short, sorry. Because of this I will end here for now and tell you the rest some other day. I'm absolutely not finished.

Stay tuned and happy Hanuka!


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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Busdrivers and politics

I was just out for a siggy and as I'm working at a bus terminal there was a busdriver who came up to me. Most of those guys are quite cool, but as everywhere else you got some weird elements here also. This guy started of talking about betting. He didn't say "hi" or "nice weather" or anything else uninteresting. He started of like "shalf druf lotto frish frof". I had, by other words, no idea what he was garbling about. But he took it as a matter of fact that I knew that this week you can win 1 million by one number in the national lottery. And also that I was going to bet. He then went on to tell me some of his political views. Probably he has some kind of economical problem cause he thought the most important case the government could do today is to use the oil fond and pay back everyones consumption loan. Of course only for norwegians, no no only for norwegians norwegians, the fact that even though your name isn't Tore Torsen doesn't give you the right not to pay taxes didn't seem to strike him. I told him it would be kind of wierd if the state paid such idiot loans. Then he answered "Ifrh druft hafta hafta", again I got no idea what he said. The real funny thing is that this guy who bets and probably has a huge loan because of shopping for christmas claimed that the government should not take care of giving him money when he got old. They should only take care of police, healthcare and firedepartment, lower the taxes and let him store his money. And when he was president he would give away the oil fond to all the stupid people of Norway. This is kind of a normal discussion to have at this terminal. I have nearly stopped caring, and you may say "come on, it's a busdriver everyone knows they are suposed to say stupid things", but there is one scary element in all this, such stupid thoughts are just the same as you find in the real government. Probably it's a government made out of busdrivers, from planet Worf in the Salsa galaxy.

By the way, since I made the link to this page I can monitor how many uniqe hits I get every day. 2 days ago i had 21 hits and the day before 24! Hurray! But yesterday.... only 4. Get your grip together people and log into!

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Goooooooooood morning!

I came late to work today.... I was suposed to be at work 06:45 and woke up 07:30 by my boss calling, wondering what the hell I was doing. Since then my day was shit I haven't even had any coffe. But now I'm here and nothing is happening. I will work 15 hours today so I hope it continues like this.

Yesterday me and Mr.D went out shopping. After half an hour Mr.D had spent 800 bucks on one pair of pants and 2 shirts, one which was realy realy ugly, but he said it was cool because it looks expencive. My friend Mr.D is not actually mentally retarded, but sometimes he makes you wonder. The thing is that all of this was for himselves. He didn't buy anything for anybody else. At least not for me. Here's a pic to keep you reading.

Anyhow, before I met Mr.D he used such a long time. He even had to walk his dog. THIS GUY HAS NO DOG! Anyhow I was ready like 2 hours before he had even showered and since I didn't want to stay home I went out. Outside it was like -30 or something and since I was going to shop for christmas I thought it would be better to take a beer. Normaly I don't drink before 11 am, I promise you, but this was quite a special day. I went into a random place. The minute I say, in my darkest voice, "one beer please" I hear two really sweet voices behind me say "Hi Ole!". How could I know that two cute girls from my study would be at this place? The only thing I managed to do was to turn to the bartender and say "Did I say beer? I meant coffe, do you realy think I drink at this time of the day?" Anyhow I got the beer (I had paid for it! It cost 60 krones, they have to be mental!) and sat down with them for a while until they left. I tried to explain them that I was waiting for a friend and only having a beer because of shopping. They just looked at me. That kind of looked at... From then it all went downhill. I bought all the gifts I needed, but after that everything went sort of shady. No wonder I was came late to work today...

By the way, since I'm not in the mood to be funny, you can check out this: freaky christmas dinner!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My new music

I know I told you already, but I'm so fascinated with the new music I got. I got tons of stuff I havent heard for ages like New Kids On the Block "Funky, funky christmas" (horrible song? Yes. Nostalgic? Yes.) and "Glastnost", the winner (or looser, between there) of EuroPrix (or whatever it's called)in 1989 (or around then) luckily I still got Johnny Cash, but I also got some song called "The guys from Moss" which is moss footballteam fanclub singing a praise for their local footballfield (where they, according to the song, always win, at least in summer) This is so funny, I have to check it all out and tell you more. As I said, give your MP3 player to a friend or a fellow citizen and see what you get back. Super idea.

Tomorrow I'm going out to hell to buy presents for christmas. I have no idea what to buy to my parents, but they gave me a big one just now. By mail I recieved a notice that I'm am no longer a member of the Norwegian Tourist Association. I been a member of this one since I was born and from this membership you may stay at some good cottages all over in Norway, and it's great for travelling in the mountains (I haven't done that since I was 12 though). But now this association has elected a new leader. And she was our minister of defence in the last government. And meanwhile breaking down the real defence of Norway she spent millions (yes millions) on new budget system which went to hell, and appointed her friend (and maybe lover if you ask me) to important positions and billed privat tours and dinners on the state budget. And she can't see that she has done anything wrong. She also appeared at the cover of a magazine, nude with only the american flag wrapped around her.... HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET! So thank you mom and dad for signing me out (and for paying this bill for the last 25 years).

By the way talking of stupid things. I was just out having a beer (or two) with a friend. And as you are not allowed to smoke inside in Norway we sat outside to enjoy ourselves. It was almost ok untill I went to the bathroom. I could seriously not pee as my dick had crawled all the way inside of my body. It must have been like -10 degrees outside. I had to warm it up for like a very long time. So thank you Mr. Høybråten. I understand you have a small one and have to compensate with making mine a 10th of its normal size. But I promise you, on a real good evening, when it falls of, I will sue you. For shure!

Take care all and wish me luck tomorrow.

Heres a pic for you all of what may happen at a private dinner (at least if you don't have the nice habit of being a smoking norwegian...)

ps: you are all allowed to comment on this stuff, or put in your favorite poem, or whatever may strike your satisfaction. Just click "opinion(s) on this subject" and make yourselves comfortable. And check out my friends Fremmedord, nice prizes to be won, and mod that grey box where you learn everything about making your own computer. Enjoy!

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The international iPod exchange day

The other day I got my iPod back after loaning it out to a fellow student, Mr. T.

Here is Mr.T and Mr.Ø. Mr.Ø made a cake to our traditional cake monday. Well his girlfriend gave him some help when he started crying of desperation. The cake was quite good.

When I gave my iPod to Mr.T it was full of music which I got from my brother half a year ago. Before that it was filled up with music from my father. I have actually never put music into my iPod myself, I have no idea how you do it. Mr.T had to remove all my music as it was full and he wanted to record some interwievs. When I got it back it was just like having christmas and birthday at the same day. It was full of music. With everything from music Mr.T has made himself and german christmas carols (ok there was some good music in between this). And this gave me a great idea. I hereby proclaim 19th of Desember to be the official iPod exchanging day! Let your old music go and get some unknown masterpieces played into your ear given from other people. But don't tell apple as they probably want some profit.

By the way, to celebrate me finishing exam here are some poor ones who are still struggling (by the way I was chased away taking the first picture because I was laughing hysterically. An old lady came out and said "Hush! We are having an exam in here". My answer: "Why do you think I'm laughing lady!?" and then I ran.)

Ha ha you are struggling I am not!

Mr. M struggling

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Google paranoia

Good evening my fellow citizens of the world.

First of all, before I tell you anything else, I have to admit than I'm paranoid. Not completely like mental kind of paranoid. But I don't like to write the name of the big guy in the land across the atlantic and certain elements of destruction in the same sentence. You are welcome to tell me that nobody would check on me because of this, but I don't want to take the chance.

The last few weeks I have though about google, the search engine, and cyberspace concerning this. Don't get me wrong, I love google, I probably use it more often than I use my girlfriend. Before google and the Internet you actually had to read a book when writing an exam. Now you can search for whatever you want and get your sources from the Internet. Probably the sensors are to lame to bother to check it up.

But as many others I tried to combine google with my own name. I probably haven't done much of interest because I only got 11 results. But one of them was quite interesting. 2 years ago you had a campaign among the students to give the last hovedfag (old master) students 50.000 nok back on their student loan (big story, but they lost this tradition as a new study reform came to our country). Anyhow there was a paper at the local student pub where you could write down your name in favor of this campaign. I wrote my name down and thought no more of it. Now 2 years later I can find my name on the Net stating that I have signed my name in favor for this campaign. You may think "so what?", but imagine that everything you do may be found on the Net many years after, it's fucking scary!

Eventually when I'm finished studying I want a job. And you may blame me for being wrong, but which employer does not search google for their candidates? Probably this campaign will not affect many employers from giving me a job. But if you search my girlfriend name you will get this picture:


Imagine the employers sitting there. "Who should we hire? This guy who seems ok, or this girl who looked mentally challenged at a picture taken 10 years ago?" For shure they would have taken the guy. By the way I promise you she is not mentally challenged. Just once every month (please don't hit me!).

Now you might say "So? Nobody cares about such a picture." But think about this:

4 years ago I was working at a gay bar in Oslo, nice job by the way and some great parties. In the end the club went down because of internal conflicts (it was a gay bar, of course this would happen). I din't shed any tears because of this. But after the closure some of the ex-employees went to the media and claimed they had been fucked in order to get the job. I for shure didn't get into that part of the job. Exept for them not paying my taxes I couldn't complain. But my ex-boss called me and asked me if I wanted to go with him and some others to a big tabloid paper and claim the rumors to be untrue. I was quite busy with exams then and told him "no", and am I glad for that now!

Imagine my future empoyers sitting there, in their nice office, drinking a cup of coffe, discussing:

"Should we take this guy who seems ok or this other who has good grades, but has been of the front cover of the biggest tabloid paper 5 years ago, with a big picture and huge letters above, in bold, stating:'I HAVE NEVER BEEN FUCKED IN THE ASS!'?"

Do you guys really think I would ever get a job in my life? Because of Internet and google I would forever be "that guy" from here to infinity, and beyond.

To help your imagination here is a pic of me working at this place (I got it for my 20th birthday)

It may seem funny, but imagine all those poor guys out there who does stupid things and ends up in the media, or people who writes petitions for or against somethings and ten years later don't get a job because their employer finds it on the Internet. Imagine how rich you could be if you archived a lot of silly stuff about people and then told them years later: "I can take it all away if you pay me 100$" or on the other hand "I sell you information about this person for 100$", which actually people are getting filthy rich by already. I for shure are never againg going to give my opinion on anything again, never. At least not with picture and full name. You never know where it's going to pop up. For shure I'm paranoid, so should you be.

Talking about media you may want to check this newspaper clip I found during my studies. Its from a nazi controlled paper during the occupation of Norway and it's totally funny today, back then I bet it was bloody serious. But I didn't know they had photoshop back then.

The text says:

"Phosphorwar with negrohelp."


Below it says:

"The picture of this smiling negro was published in the London magazine The Daily Sketch 31st of July this year. The magazine tells that the black gentleman belongs in Trinidad and is educated as an american pilot. The picture is taken the night between 27th and 28th of July at an american airport in England where the negros plane has landed after emptying his cargo of phosphor over Hamburg. The London magazine has obviously wanted to cheer up their readers with this laughing american negroface after accomplished work in Europe. But the picture doesn't gain its right before one sees it against a background of cutouts from Hamburger Fremdenblat which gives a notion of the havoc which the american phosphorwar with negrohelp has done to the population in Europe."

If you can find me a better photoshop from the same era, tell me. Creativity was obviously alive even in the totalitarian regime.

Stay tuned to as we will soon start with the daily dicethrow on my girlfriend and her behaviour!

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Trip to post office/excuse to little sister

I just went to the post office to send a christmas gift to my little sister in the States. As a student I do not have much money, but I had bought her a book and some chocolate (ok now you know, but you would have guessed it anyhow). I came finally (after 30 minutes waiting) to the counter and they wanted 150 norwegian krones (1 us dollar = ca. 7 krones) to send it for me. Heck! That like a week with partying and more than the actual gift (yes I'm a cheap brother). I wondered if they had a student price, but the guy told me (nice guy, not his fault) that since the letter was over 350 grams that was the price. Under 350 grams it would only cost me 65 krones which is more affordable. The whole letter weigthed about 600 grams so even if I removed the chocolate it would still be over 350. So then I had a dilemma: should I just drop the whole thing or pay 150? As any normal person would do I found a third way. I removed all the unimportant stuff! So Emily for christmas you will get no chocolate, but a book without cover, introduction, index, blank pages and the last 100 pages.... But as the nice brother I am I will keep all this for you (not the choco, its gone allready) and give it to you when you get home in summer. You have to love me! Merry Christmas!

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Hi again everybody (at least I hope someone reading this)!

My big brother gave me the great tip to use my adress (which I pay 16 us dollar a year to have, and have had for like 4 years now) as my page for this blog. Since is a horrible adress to remember you can now log on to and gain directly accsess to this blog. Maybe in a year I can finally set up my real homepage, but for now thats quite good enough. So remember:

Now I'm planning to finally send som christmas gifts to my little sister who is in the States trying to learn normal behaviour. Ok I admit it's to late, but it's the thought which counts. Happy easter peace out!

while you wait in total anxiety for my next update you can check this one out:

Don't mind the language, but turn your volume UP

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Since it have been a while since I met many of you who I invited to see my blog, here are some pics so you can remember who I am. If you wonder where its from its in Mozmbique where I visited a crazy, but cool belgian who trained rats to search for landmines. Out in the field they told me "No problem, this is a safepath, the rats have been here already." Yeah shure. I was shitscared and begged them to check my protection one more time. But in the end I belive them rats actually works! And they are quite cute as long as you don't discover them in your fridge. More about the rats? Check out apopo

If you wonder why I look like shit and don't care about my appearance I got one simple answer: To shave while travelling is like wearing a smoking at a party, in other words: only for chickens.

I put in a picture of the guys working in the minefield since they are the ones doing the real job. I was just a simple guy on a trip to find a cool story for my studies. And for shure I did!

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Sunday, December 18, 2005


Goood morning!

This is Ole calling from Lillestrøm bus terminal, I'm watching TV, smoking, and commanding the buses. Nothing much happening exept me being pretty tired.

The last few weeks have been intense as I a had a report to finish before christmas. The report was a group project on "the estetics of fascism" where we studied propaganda posters published in Norway during WWII with a focus on Soviet. My group had a general lack of history, and slightly incompetent in doing an academic work, so we had an argument for the last week, but I took the short cut and rewrote a huge part of the thesis two days before we were going to hand it in. Not nicely done, but even though one in the group got quite angry (AIIC), they never sugested to fuck my version and go back to the old one... Anyhow huge story, not interesting for many other than me.

But during this study I had to check out some general propaganda posters and there is an interesting world out there. Especially I found two american posters which made me laugh, loud (not popular in the library I promise you). But instead of you guys struggling around searching on Goooooogle for "Funny propaganda WWII" (you don't want to enter all those pages, some are quite scary) I will show you the posters here. In a minute.

The first one is quite new I guess (a wild one), clearly not from the WWII, but uses elements from propaganda used back then. As we know propaganda is an universal language.

The second one is maybe the most hillarious propaganda poster I have ever seen. Probably someone thought of WWII as a possibility to raise their opinion on certain matters. But what's most scary is that on some Americans it probably served (if not still serve) its purpose, unluckily not on the big man himself.....

They are both from this site:



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Friday, December 16, 2005

Nok en unyttig blog

Velkommen, bienvenido, willkommen, welcome!

Dette er nok en sanseløs blog, med lite mening og enda mindre innhold. Kun en ting skal spikres fast. Det er endelig bevist hva slags farer dresskoder utsetter samfunnet for. Endelig har staten tatt til vettet og advarer oss dødelige på røykpakkene vi plaserer i brystlommen på nevnte uhyggelige klesplagg. Neste gang du skal på fest så les advarselen nøye! "Smoking kills" med andre ord: du setter deg selv i livsfare hver gang du knepper igjen skjorta og tar på deg dressen! Husk det så lever du muligens lengre enn gjennomsnittet. Men ta deg gjerne en røyk i ny og ne.

Resten av bloggen skal være like unyttig som Høybtåten heretter. Volla jeg lover!

Hopp og Hei!


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