Sunday, December 25, 2005

My christmas

Happy 1st day of christmas everyone! I'm working on a huge remake of my blog. It will get bigger and better, but I thought it would be correct to give you a new post anyhow since 2 of you actually logged into my blog yesterday on christmas eve. Thank you my jewish and muslim friends.

I came home to my parents house at the night of 23rd after finishing work. Since everyone was going home for christmas it was actually some work to do on the bus terminal. I had to explain busdrivers why they couldn't turn their bus around inside of the terminal to get water or park their bus in the middle of the driving way. I also had to explain travellers why it was a bad idea to run out in front of a moving bus while there is ice on the road, and with an irritated busdriver driving the bus.

In the morning of 24th I made some cakes and vacumcleaned parts of the house. I also learnt my nephew to rub his hair after eating yogurth. My sister took away the present for me because of this. In the evening we ate a traditional meal until we nearly exploded. But it was not until the serving of dessert that I did. In norway you have a tradition on christmas eve of putting an almond in the dessert and the one who gets it wins a marsipan pig. This is supposed to be at complete random, but this year they deliberatly put the almond in my nieces dessert. This is completely wrong and breakes down the whole spirit of christmas! So I "accidentaly" dropped a halfeaten piece of meat into the dessert of my niece. Ofcourse she wouldnt eat her plate then so I was kind and offered her my plate. She was happy with this and since noone could explain her why she shouldn't exchange her plate with mine I was really happy. Tradition restored.

After dinner I used a loooooong time on my cup of coffee (which you have to drink before opening presents) and then I had to take a siggy. And then a trip to the bathroom. My niece was almost going into mental sickness by then so I had to drop the extra cup of coffee to keep the family peace. We then danced around the christmas three and sang the traditional songs like "L'international", "Fane hoch", "Ich hat eine cameraden" and "The praise to Stalin" made by the swedish group "Knutna näver" which never made it any big in the 70s. My mother came in when we started on "Horst wessel lied" (I had used a time to learn my niece the song and my nephew how to walk according to the songs) and as so I lost another present...

But I can't complain. After 3 hours of opening my niece was exhausted and laid flat out on the floor, stairing with apathy into the roof. I had got a consert ticket, a maglite (huge and I accidently hit my brother in the head with it, he took away the ticket then), two propaganda posters, money for a new vacumcleaner (will tell the story of the old one another time), a DVD ("The good, the bad and the ugly one")two boxes with 50 films on both of them, a tool kit and money for doctors without borders and a Cuba trip with my brother and father. We then talked to my sisters in the States who was already drunk and tried to hook me up with her host sister. To end the evening we saw "The harder they fall" with Humphrey Bogart. Well I tried to whatch it, but it was a bit hard as my father was snoring big time in the chair beside me, but we put the flashlight in his face. Then he stopped.

Today we had a big breakfast, my nephew still remember the trick with the youghurt and the hair and he also tried to use his milkglass as a phone. It was still full of milk. I lost my DVD because of that one, even though he did that one all by himsel. But I always get the blame. After that I had played with my nieces train set while she was locked up in the bathroom (nobody has asked for her yet). So its been a realy good christmas. Next year my nephew will be one year older and I'm really looking forward to that one.

Enjoy your christmas all and peace out!


At 12/26/2005 03:29:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hei hoeres ut som om din jul var veldig fredelig, her har vertsmamma hele tiden sett spoekelset/aanden av sin doede soenn i huset,saa har vaert ganske slitsomt, naar de saa nemi boken pappa sende meg med nemi som holder djeveltegn paa koveret ble de helt gale, hvordan kan faren din sende noe slikt over !!!! Saa begynnte hunden aa bjeffe igjen saa det var ingen tvil om at Wyatt gikk igjennom rommet! GOd jul!

At 12/26/2005 08:09:00 AM , Blogger Ole said...

Fantastisk! Ja her er det bare fryd og gammen. Hero er kåt som en gærning, uler uansett ånder eller ikke og jeg jobber fortsatt med å lære Alvin nye triks og Emma noen nye tegnspråk. Kos deg og ta vare på deg selv!

At 12/26/2005 09:32:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And first price for lying in a funny way goes to ole.
the secret sister

At 12/26/2005 12:12:00 PM , Blogger Ole said...

I never lie, I just give a twist to reality.


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