Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pherotones or The Johnny Cane Band?

I FOUND IT! Pherotones was the reason why my blog was messed up. Ohhh now those ringtones makes me feel completely asexual. Ok my fault actually, I was n00bing around with HTML, but thanks to Mel my page is now working properly in IE again. I know it's bad to relaunch this post once more, but the vote is still on!

As you all can see Dr. Myra Vanderhood has picked up on my poll after I left her a comment on it. So now we for sure will settle once and for all which is most arousing of her Pherotones and The Johnny Cane band (which by the way is not my favourite band, but for sure their music makes me steam! But compared to Pherotones? I'm not sure, so let the vote decide!)

I don't know if you have even seen it, but I have earlier told you about the ringtone provider Pherotones who claim to provide ringtones which will make both you and your partner in mood of some serious love.

I got a comment on that post from Kjell Olofsson, or someone who has stolen that famous footballplayers name. He writes:

Har et mye bedre tips til alle dere "horny studs" der ute. Spell musikken tel The Johnny Cane Band. En
sikker sak for å få jenta i spagat!

He claims, by english words, that The Johnny Cane Band is much more effective if you want the girls to show you some gymnastic tricks.

To test this out I have now released a new poll as the old one is over.

So feel free to give me your vote. Which kind of music makes YOU horny, Pherotones sexy ringtones or The Johnny Cane Band with their hot emotionally loaded songs? Ringtones from Pherotone you can find here (just click the "click to play" button to listen) and music from The Johnny Cane Band you can find here (just click "lytt" under the box "låter" to listen).

Listen to the different options and give yourself over to your sexual feelings. When the sound that makes it tickle in your private parts comes up put in your vote! And guys, don't be shy. Even I, the man of men, can't resist the feeling of sexual arousement this music gives to me. Let your emotions come loose and put in your vote!

The poll is to be found on the main page (if you can't find it, just type "" in your adress bar to get there directly) at the top of the right hand sidebar.

This poll is purely scientifical and I will get the report published in the Journal of Freuds Fantastic World (a highly knowned scientifical magazine) but for all you single hot girls out there: when the tickling gets good give me a call. As I said, I am the man of men.

Pherotones are only intended for people over 18 years, and The Johnny Cane Band only plays at places with an age limit at at least 20 (no country without whisky, right?). So stay away from both! Cheers from big brother.

Ps: Have I mentioned that mom has the same kind of shoes as you?
psps: Here is a blond joke for you.


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