Monday, February 06, 2006

Save us from life

I know this may be old news, but I still want to comment on this great idea.

You have probably heard that they are planning to put picture on cigarette packs. Now some of you may think "Picture of things like The Malboro Man riding into the sunset?", but this is not exactly correct. No they want to put up pictures like this (example from Brazil, GROSS):


And I think this is a great idea. Why haven't they done this before? Until Internet came it was quite hard to find such pics and with internet you got the option to go into pages like (enter at own risk) to se people who had been killed and overrun animals and also fetuses. You may also do an easy google search like "fetus+gross", but these kind of things have never been totally accepted in society, they had to be done in the dark. I mean nobody wants to admit that they enjoy such pics, but now the government makes this totally acceptable and give support to all us gross lovers.

I think they should actually go a step further, I mean why only have photo on cigarette packs when they can have pics on everything that's dangerous?

If you see a small toy you can see the incription "not for 3 years and younger, small parts". Here you could instead have a superb pic of a choced up kid. Or on cars you can have huge pics of people who have been totally crushed in a car accident. On a pack of sausages it would be great with som nice close up pics of the colesterol in fat peoples body (if you want to eat it you should know!), and on military propaganda you have tons of warning pics you could put in. I can't even imagine the pics you could put on a normal smoking, I mean people are using these things at parties and doesn't even know about the dangers which comes with such a thing!

So please go ahead, spize up the life of normal people an surround us with pics of what bad things which may happen to us. I mean I thought until now that it was safe to live, how stupid can I be?