Sunday, March 05, 2006

Clean my trailer woman!

As you all know my little sister is in the States to learn how to behave. We are all a bit worried because it looks like it doesn't work out to well. The last few weeks she has been in New Orleans celebrating Mardi Gras, and as we all know anything may happend at this party.


It didn't help much that while she was there her MSN profile picture was looking like this:


But last news from South Dakota, where she lives, tells us that things will soon get in order again.

As you maybe have read in the news South Dakota want to get an anti-abortion law. Even if the father is as ugly as the guy below you will no longer have the right to make an abortion if the bill goes through.

Roger Hunt, one of the pro-anti-abortion politicians.

And of course South Dakota got a point here. I mean the thing that the world needs most right now is people like these:

Mike Rounds, good friend of Roger Hunt

Some nice looking women who opose sex in the first hand.

It's so nice to see that it is mainly men who opose abortion.

The world need more of these people. Hey, a good laugh helps life go on!

Clearly they got a problem over there. According to South Dakota pro-life organisation 26143 abortions have been made in this area since 1973.


And that is clearly an outrageous number! I mean that like a third of the amount of Iraqians that has been slayed since January 2006. But I can understand the poor women in South Dakota. Imagine having a kid with these guys.




I guess the only way for these guys to ever get reproduced is by instating the anti-abortion law. What the women thinks about this? Who cares! I mean it's not like they should have anything to say. At least not concerning their own body. They should stay home and clean the camper and breed.

So Emily we now know that you are in a perfectly moral and sane society. But please, Mardi Gras was maybe fun, but don't bring anything you learnt in New Orleans back with you to South Dakota, as I would rather not have a nephew who turn out like this:


By the way, will this anti-abortion law also apply to arabs?

Here is some Ali G for you. About halfway he meets the anti-abortion people.


At 3/07/2006 04:12:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Urk ABORTION IS MEAN, yeah better to be called the clothhanger state south dakota, with infants found in the trashcan every day, the other weekend an deaf lesbian killed another deaf lesbian with a chainsaw her (no kidding) and every weekend atleast one teen ager dies from intoxicated driving, so yeah becareful with killing babys through abortion. Wow people here are psycho, at least my cheerleading team is pro choice, maybe beacause theyr all hookers ??? No just kidding, they are all good lyin christians, and im the god damn devil!! 

Posted by Emily

At 3/07/2006 06:45:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you mad at me cus i wrote about you in my blog? 

Posted by suzie

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