Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Congratulation woman!

Today is the 8th of March and women all over the world are celebrating their day, demanding equal right and more. At least that's the way it used to be. If you ask women today what they think of the feminist revolution most of them seems like they don't care to much.


When I was young I was indoctrinated that the womens day was important. "Every other day is for the male part of the world. But this one is ours!" my mom told me. In our home we had an ashtray decorated with this sign:


We also had a figure looking kind of like E.T. with a huge penis. My mom said it was suposed to symbolize the mind of the male. My father used to splash it with water to make it cry. It was quite interesting growing up.

Today the fight for kindergardens, right to ruel over ones own body and liberation from the kitchen has been forgotten. The main fight is to get women into the positions of leaders. And we have seen several cases where this has been done with great succsess. Specially in Norway but also internationally. Just look at these strong women:



I would not like to met any of these in a dark alley.

If this is so far the best the feminist revolution has managed, to get malelooking (and behaving) females into positions as leaders, I understand why many of you give up the fight against the testosteron.

The 8th of March Committee here in Oslo, Norway, seems to have understood even less on what a struggle is. They are apointed to organize the march which goes through the center of the city. Last year someone suggested that it would maybe be a good idea to implement foreign women and their domestic struggle.


But then the old traditional feminist stated "NO! No way!". In Norway the struggle will continue to get even more malelooking women into important positions.


The rest of the women in the world can go fuck themselves. Or get fucked as they clearly do in Turkey every 8th of March:


But who cares? In Norway we have done it and got women into leader positions!


In the good old seventies the women liberation struggle knew how to fight for themselves, and the third world. Just look here:


This is a poster for the Danish "Femølejr". Clearly the poster claims it to be a good idea for the western women to colonize Africa. To spread themselves all over it while menustrating from their armpit. At least they though this would give them some real cock I presume.

This is all over now. No more Africa, no more menustrating armpits, no more abortions. But they do got some fabulous women in important positions!

I did not have sex with that man! Now bring me my American flag!

I was thinking about walking in the march today, to show my support for the female struggle. But I think I will rather stay at home to enjoy the women idols from Big Brother


or maybe the great television show "The Playboy Girls".


Congratulation woman! Celebrate your day while you can, cause tomorrow belongs to me!

Her you go Femø, Siv Jensen. Another strong malebehaving woman.

Did I mention that she would rather not have Africa in the world at all?

And just to show you that I'm not only left-wing politically, when it comes to harassing women, I give you Siv Jensens´ political oposite, but physical lookalike, Kristin Halvorsen, financial minister of Norway.

I bet you she is singing "I got the power, and fuck the rest! I got the power! Oh yeah!" at home every day.


At 3/08/2006 09:53:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Siv Jensen. You have forgotten the leader of Norways most popular political party! The more than 30% must include a large amount of female voters too.

Posted by Femø

At 3/08/2006 10:17:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I salude the woman libaration day.The day is a real fiesta for me. why? Because I love the smell of henna hair, hairy armpits, and woman with an angry, but often, bad breath. And I specially love the fact that this is the day where a man like me can get laid. Big time and for free!!!! So, to all you angry woman out there, I have a tip of the day for you: Get real drunk and meet me at Ivars kro around midnight! 

Posted by Itter

At 3/09/2006 08:14:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Så har jeg i hvertfall fått til noe 

Posted by tullemamma


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