Sunday, June 04, 2006

How old am I?

I had a visit from my mother the other day and that was quite interesting.

I have lived on my own the last 7 years. I have learnt to make my own food, clean my floor, wash my clothes etc. (ok, the thing about the food was maybe not entirely correct, but thank God for frozen pizzas.)

Now my mom was in town and she came by my house to get a dinner (pizza) and a chat. But does she stop there? No I think not! She is clearly really frightened that I will not get a new girlfriend, so my mom starts of by vacuumcleaning my floor, wash it and then the windows. Then she puts all my clothes outside to give them a hint of fresh air. The fact that she loaned the tee I got from my little sister while doing this did not make the picture better. A 60 year old woman wearing a shirt stating "Trust me, its big!" may be a confusing sight, especially when this woman is your own mother.

Now I wonder how old my mom thinks I am. A normal mother would state "It's filthy in here. How can you live like this?" and then hand her son a bucket and some soap, but no my mom clearly didn't believe that I could manage the task myself.

When she understood that I got none kitchen towels, at least not clean ones, she got a troubeled look upon her face. Clearly she believes than no woman want a man who has none clean kitchen towels.

I think she is wrong on that part, but I actually have some clothes that needs to be washed so I am going to invite her over for a Gorby soon.

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