Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Unibrown is coming your way!

Finally, praise the lord cause he has arrived!!!!!! The metrosexual man is going down and unibrown is, as ever, hot and sexy!

The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet can finally inform you gamma people out there that a big, uncombed unibrown is the new trend. And the metrosexual male is no longer as cool as some people think it is. Just read and learn.

Of course it's hillarious to call this sort of thing "news". I, for one, has known this all along. It's just the ignorants amongst us who haven't understood this yet. I have to run now to dance on the grave of the metrosexual male. Come along, it will be great fun!


And for all of you bloody metromales out there who still haven't understood I recomend you to check out this episode of South Park:

South Park is Gay!

The rest of you, the ones who are intelligent and sencible persons, can play a great game of Mono Match!

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