Thursday, February 15, 2007

Amazing American WWII history

I bought myself a small treat yesterday, or rather I bought it for my father since I managed to loose his copy of it. What I bought? The fabulous movie "The Longest Day".

This is a great movie made in 1962 about the allied invasion in France the 6th of June 1944. You may also have heard of this day as the D-day. The movie "Saving Private Ryan" is nothing compared with this one. But it's of course completely wrong and pretty bad of me to even try to compare the pussy Tom Hanks with Richard Burton. Check out the trailer for yourself:

Anyhow the version I bought is an anniversary edition celebrating that it was 60 years since 80000 young men died. Inside this version there is a 12 page long leaflet containing stories from D-day and facts about the film. But this leaflet also contains a storyline describing events of WWII. What's interesting is that in this storyline there is no remark on Operation Barbarossa, Stalingrad nor the fall of Berlin. Actually the Soviet campaign is remarked only with the short words "1945, 04.25: U.S. and Soviet Armies meet at Torgau Germany". The fact that 93% of German causalities during the war happened on the Eastern Front seems of no interest to the Americans. Actually one may conclude that the Soviet was never in the war according to American history.

I found the same lack of history in the DVD set "Europe in Flames".

This box contains 9 DVDs on the history of WWII. But according to the movie the Soviet Union did nothing after they made the Molotov-Riebentrop pact. The Americans actually won the war on their own according to these DVDs.

I understand that the Cold War made it difficult for Americans to recognize the effort done by the Soviet Union during WWII, but it's on high time they do look away from their selfish propaganda. One may not leave it to the Russians to preserve their own history alone. Cause this is what you will get:

So Americans: Valentines is over, go check out a real man movie today and take a look at Stalingrad. Thats a real history lesson for you.

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At 6/20/2014 08:07:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only 'good' German is a dead German! Macht alle kaput!


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