Thursday, February 15, 2007

Weightlifting is fun! To watch!

In my thread on informing my little sister Emily on the dangers of sport we have today arrived on the most interesting but deadly past-time weightlifting. She does this several times a week I believe without knowing the dangers of this past-time. Now she has no excuse for this. Enjoy while you eat your strawberry-with-no-sugar-JAM. This is a lot of fun. To watch:

In my last post on this thread my little sister claimed that I am so unhealthy that I'm about to loose my hair. I can inform you all that this is not true. I got more than enough from my mid and down plus that last time I was at the hairdresser I asked her if I was about to loose the hair on my head. She explained me that this was not about to happen.

My sisters response on this information? "How much did you pay her?"1

1Too much I have to admit

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