Thursday, March 29, 2007

Taste yer own medicine!

We have all read, seen and heard about the 15 British soldiers who have been captured by Iranian forces after they allegedly entered Iranian territory. Of course the Brits says that this has never happened and that the soldiers was inside UN boundaries.

Now Iran has an old conflict with Mesopotamia concerning this area, so they do not quite agree on these internationally set boundaries. Anyway I love how the Iranians answer to the British pressure.

We have heard over and over again the last 6 years the line "We do not negotiate with terrorists". This line has been used to start several wars, and arrest some couple of thousand peoples without verdict. Mr. Putin is especially found of this line after his buddy, Mr. Bush, told him it it was a perfectly good excuse to stop those bloody Chechen's for claiming their independence.

But now the Iranians have learned the western way of negotiating.

The Iranian president, Mr. Ahmadinejad, is quite good in his propaganda effort. He might be a bastard and claim that all Israelians must die, according to western media. This claim might work well inside Iran, but it's not so popular for the western public. But he manages to play a dual role in his propaganda effort. Every time he goes abroad he dresses up in a suite, he speaks perfectly good English, a lot better than me, and he has incorporated the tricks of western propaganda.

So what does he say when the Brits claim they will make a stop to Iranian business and give him a good old nuke if he don't behave? He uses the good old statement which we all have known to adore:

"We had a policy for 27 years not to give after for extortion."

Thats a state of the art western propaganda line which everyone has learnt to understand as correct and meaningful. It's actually just the same line as the Brits have used against IRA for the last 60 years or so.

What Mr. Ahmadinejad do by making this statement is to poke Blair on his shoulder, slowly raise the middle finger, and gently whisper into his ear "Up yours..."

And then he sing this song all the way home:

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

I'm a cheerleader!

Yesterday I went to check out the Norwegian championship in cheerleading were I hoped to see my sister Emily make a fool of herself. Actually her team won the main contest so now she runs around like a mentally insane maniac yelling "Norwegian champion! IIIIIIIIIII!"

Above you might see the team she has trained while they yell "Go, fight, win!" in a hypnotic kind of way, not unlike some Germans did in 1941... Anyhow here is my sister while watching them, she was actually more enthusiastic than the ones performing:

Anyhow her team performed just thereafter, and I have to admit they have some pretty impressing moves. Clearly they won when they performed the trick "Headfirst in the floor" which my sister was kind of manager of. You can see it about 50 sec into the film. And I'm sorry for the cut in the start. I had to change my position during filming to get the good shot, but its only two seconds which are gone. Enjoy the Norwegian champions of cheerleading:

Now Emily you are probably wondering why you were told that our brother Mr. K has this film and why we couldn't show you the camera this morning. Well you see, when I came home yesterday after a wet night out I sort of got an excellent idea when I saw your bags on the floor. I believe I could be a fantastic cheerleader myself so I think I will send this pic to the Norwegian Cheerleader Association:

Unluckily I could not find the skirt and stuff, but I found a jacket which I believe fit me perfectly:

But as you know in our family we never give up. Thereby I sign out for now while we all yell "Go! Fight! Win! GO BIG RED!"

I hope this pic will not disturb your dreams too much. But I bet you the Prime Minister would have loved this image.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Cheerleading is fun! To watch!

Ok I know that I have earlier showed you the dangers of cheerleading, but this time I got new videos ready for you. The person in focus is of course Emily, my americanized sister.

You see she have been hardcore training for the Norwegian Championship in cheerleading which will be on this weekend. To promote this event she and her teambi.... sorry, mates (but I have been in a car with some of them and I promise you, they can bitch about each other. I'm actually impressed of their skills), went on national television yesterday. You heard me, they went public with their "sport" so all of Norway could have a lau.., sorry, admire their sport.

She had to be by the telly station at 06:30 in the morning to be ready. Luckily I worked night so I imagined I could see her before I went off at 07:00. But no, actually I had to stay up until 07:54 am before this came on. And remember by then they had waited 2 hours for their grand moment. And what a memorable moment it was.

What a great act! I almost saw some red blur before the TV management cut to commercial! Clearly they thought "Commercial to get money or scarcely dressed teenagers to get viewers... Nah, look at them cold thin girls, do they eat anything at all? Lets go for commercial.".

Anyhow they went on after comercial, actually in between news and the weather. I'm sorry I missed the two first seconds:

Again they cut them off! I'm actually more amazed that these girls wait for almost two hours in freezing cold to get on television for less than 10 seconds...

But then finally they get a chance to get on for real, when something of a surprise happen.

The prime minister showed up! As you see all the girls went rather dumbfounded and started giggling hysterically. What my sister did? See the girl with the red coat? Standing behind the prime guy and smiling like a 14 year old, looking as if someone have given her a stupidifyer? That's her. She had the chance to make an obscure gesture behind the prime ministers back on live television. She could have made it big on YouTube, but no, she chooses to just stand there and smile!!!???

Sometimes I wonder if we really are siblings at all. But great cheering Emily! Even though I believe you should send some of your team members on English course, cause I didn't understand a fuck of what you all were cheering.

And yes I will go to see the championship. I will have a huge poster stating "GO EMILY" and yell "Give me an E, give me a M, give me an I..." and so on. My sister will go nuts, I'm so looking forward to it.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New job!

Finally I'm leaving the bus terminal. I'm off to new adventures as an IT-journalist at Teknofil. Here I will write about YOUR digital daily life. I will even get paid for doing this, some at least.

Actually I get less paid than on the terminal if you count in the extra cash I get for working at awkward times. But I will have a lot more of fun for sure. No more stupid customers who ask where they can find the bus going "home".

With work at awkward times I mean times such as during the night like my boss gave me this whole week as revenge for me quitting the job (Oh no 40 dollars per hour). But yes I admit that it was bad of me storming into hi office yelling "Jippijahuuuu!!!!!!! I got a new job! I'm finally finished with this f.... terminal!". He was not upset by the fact that I gave the impression of being bored with the job. The only problem was that he was just about to hire a new guy, actually this guy was in the middle of signing the contract when I stormed in. I guess they have to find some other poor bastard now.

You all wonder what I know about digital lifestyle and technology which make me prepared for my new job? Well more than this girl at least:

Now I will go and spend my hard earned cash on some well earned beer in the sun!

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I fucked up.... again

I'm readin a book at the moment. This is of cource not a huge revelation as I mostly read one or two books at once. It's not as hard as you should imagine, but this book is really crap.

Most of the time I can read nearly anything and enjoy it. I believe you have to read a book through even though it's bad. If you haven't read it all how can you know it's bad? But this book is nearly too much. It's a book called "A day in hell" by the Norwegian author Anne B. Ragde. It was one of her first books before she made a breakthrough and I can understand why it din't make her famous. On the cover it says that it's an erotical novel concerning life and death. And yes it has a lot of sex in it, the only problem is that the sex describe is between dogs.... Dogporn is not my favourite topic.

Anyhow i exclaimed this yesterday to my girlfriend and stated that I wanted a new book, this is how the rest of the conversation went:

Her: So read another book then!

Me: But I have read them all!

Her: All of them? Theres a lot on the shelf.

Me: No but I want a new book.

Her: Well you might read "Hot Sex, how to do it" by Tracey Cox, you haven't read that one.

Me: Yes I have! Oh, fuck....

Because of that I had to spend the night on the couch. I believe my eyes went big as to say "But, that was not with you.... ooops." But somethimes I just don't know when to shut up.

By the way, I got a new job yeaterday! From now on I will be a journalist for a tecno magazine. Not the music type, I would rather kill myself, but I will write about games, gadgets, technological news and strange stuff I find on the net. Maybe it will be fun, at least I will get a chance to test out PS3, for free. Juhu!

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Postcard from Galapagos

Because of the incredible pressure from you, my readers, here is a postcard from Galapagos. I sent it of a while ago but the mail service in Ecuador is so slow so it didn't arrive until today:

Hi all!!!

As you can see me and my man, the iguana, are having a lovely time here in Darwin's paradise. We have been diving, eating, watching and sleeping, just as a vacation should be. My brotha, Mr. K, are struggling a bit with the diving, but we help him keep his buoyancy somewhere around neutral so he will survive. But he use to scare off the hammerhead sharks which is not so fun... So far I have not been allowed to ride the giant turtle. It's actually illegal to touch them. Can you imagine??? But I will sneak of tonight to go for a secret beach ride in the cover of darkness.

Got to go now and enjoy the 36 degrees (Celsius) in the shadow heat now and annoy the sea lions. Take care and enjoy the snow back home, or wherever you are.



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