Friday, March 23, 2007

Cheerleading is fun! To watch!

Ok I know that I have earlier showed you the dangers of cheerleading, but this time I got new videos ready for you. The person in focus is of course Emily, my americanized sister.

You see she have been hardcore training for the Norwegian Championship in cheerleading which will be on this weekend. To promote this event she and her teambi.... sorry, mates (but I have been in a car with some of them and I promise you, they can bitch about each other. I'm actually impressed of their skills), went on national television yesterday. You heard me, they went public with their "sport" so all of Norway could have a lau.., sorry, admire their sport.

She had to be by the telly station at 06:30 in the morning to be ready. Luckily I worked night so I imagined I could see her before I went off at 07:00. But no, actually I had to stay up until 07:54 am before this came on. And remember by then they had waited 2 hours for their grand moment. And what a memorable moment it was.

What a great act! I almost saw some red blur before the TV management cut to commercial! Clearly they thought "Commercial to get money or scarcely dressed teenagers to get viewers... Nah, look at them cold thin girls, do they eat anything at all? Lets go for commercial.".

Anyhow they went on after comercial, actually in between news and the weather. I'm sorry I missed the two first seconds:

Again they cut them off! I'm actually more amazed that these girls wait for almost two hours in freezing cold to get on television for less than 10 seconds...

But then finally they get a chance to get on for real, when something of a surprise happen.

The prime minister showed up! As you see all the girls went rather dumbfounded and started giggling hysterically. What my sister did? See the girl with the red coat? Standing behind the prime guy and smiling like a 14 year old, looking as if someone have given her a stupidifyer? That's her. She had the chance to make an obscure gesture behind the prime ministers back on live television. She could have made it big on YouTube, but no, she chooses to just stand there and smile!!!???

Sometimes I wonder if we really are siblings at all. But great cheering Emily! Even though I believe you should send some of your team members on English course, cause I didn't understand a fuck of what you all were cheering.

And yes I will go to see the championship. I will have a huge poster stating "GO EMILY" and yell "Give me an E, give me a M, give me an I..." and so on. My sister will go nuts, I'm so looking forward to it.

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