Monday, March 12, 2007

Postcard from Galapagos

Because of the incredible pressure from you, my readers, here is a postcard from Galapagos. I sent it of a while ago but the mail service in Ecuador is so slow so it didn't arrive until today:

Hi all!!!

As you can see me and my man, the iguana, are having a lovely time here in Darwin's paradise. We have been diving, eating, watching and sleeping, just as a vacation should be. My brotha, Mr. K, are struggling a bit with the diving, but we help him keep his buoyancy somewhere around neutral so he will survive. But he use to scare off the hammerhead sharks which is not so fun... So far I have not been allowed to ride the giant turtle. It's actually illegal to touch them. Can you imagine??? But I will sneak of tonight to go for a secret beach ride in the cover of darkness.

Got to go now and enjoy the 36 degrees (Celsius) in the shadow heat now and annoy the sea lions. Take care and enjoy the snow back home, or wherever you are.




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